Actos, like many other drugs, may have side effects that are less than desirable. Houston lawyer Brian White is a personal injury trial lawyer that has worked nationwide with clients seeking compensation for their personal injuries due to Actos and other drugs. Side effects can cause even greater harm than the disease for which the drugs were first prescribed. A worst case side effect due to taking Actos is bladder cancer, a life-threatening disease that may cause long-term pain and suffering or death.

What Side Effects are Possible from Actos?
Actos (Pioglitazone HCL) has been prescribed by doctors to help treat adult type 2 diabetes. It works for some people that have had difficulty getting other drugs to control their blood glucose levels. It may, however, interact with other drugs and Actos has known side effects. It may also be mixed with other ingredients including metaformin and glimepiride.

The types of side effects from Actos use include problems that especially affect diabetics, such as weight gain, fluid retention and edema. Some experience symptoms that are like having a cold, with sore throat, headache, pain in the muscles and involvement of the sinuses. Lower gastrointestinal problems may be related to Actos use also, such as nausea and diarrhea. The user may develop a urinary tract infection or limb pain. Nursing mothers should most likely not take Actos because the effect of this drug on their infants is not known. Pregnant women should not take Actos.

What is the Connection between Actos and Bladder Cancer?
Takeda Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer of Actos, tested the effect of Actos on rats prior to FDA approval of the drug for sale to the public. These tests indicated that the animals developed bladder cancer, but the company neglected to make those results public. The drug sold well and was a major money-maker, so it is alleged this may be one reason why the company did not want this fact publicized. Bladder cancer did develop in many users following just one year of use. Some of those persons have already sued Takeda Pharmaceuticals for physical injury due to Actos.

What Should Victims of Actos Do First?
If you feel you have been harmed by taking the drug Actos or another drug that contains Actos, it is time to contact an experienced personal injury law firm. In Houston, TX, Brian White & Associates have served many clients that have been harmed by drugs, including Actos victims. They work with clients nationwide that seek recovery for their medical expenses, loss of income, after-care and other claims. Survivors of persons that have died as a result of their use of the drug Actos are also able to seek compensation for losses from the death of their loved one.

For prompt attention, caring personal service and a tough trial lawyer team on your side, contact the law firm of Brian White & Associates today if Actos side effects have caused you physical harm. You have the right to fair compensation, but claims must be made within your state’s statutes of limitation time frame. Do not delay; a personal injury consultation with Brian White & Associates is free. Use the contact form provided, or call the toll-free number right away.