Many lawsuits have originated due to problems related to the use of a prescription drug called Actos.  This is a drug found useful for many adults suffering from type 2 diabetes; however, some users have been harmed by this drug because of its side effects that include bladder cancer.

Who is Liable for Actos Damage?
The makers of Actos, Takeda Pharmaceuticals knew prior to FDA approval for sale to the public that earlier testing on rats showed a link between Actos consumption and bladder cancer. The problems with this drug were known to Takeda Pharmaceuticals, but they chose to not make this knowledge public.  This may be construed to be a deliberately negligent action, which also makes the company liable for damage claims related to Actos.  There are many lawsuits nationwide, but a class action lawsuit is not possible because the circumstances of each individual case vary so greatly.

What Other Side Effects are Due to Actos?
Like many other drugs, Actos may cause side effects.  Some are severe, like bladder cancer.  Other side effects are similar to symptoms experienced during a cold, like joint pain, sinus infections, nausea or diarrhea.  Urinary tract infections are possible, as are fluid retention, edema or weight gain.  Serious side effects other than bladder cancer listed on the Actos website include the following:

  • Heart failure
  • Liver problems
  • Visual changes
  • Blood vessel problems
  • Lactic acidosis
  • Dizziness
  • Broken bones
  • Hunger
  • Pregnancy

Should I Consider a Lawsuit?
Side effects can cause very serious medical problems including death.  The results can be very costly and if the injury is caused by negligence, compensation recovery may be possible through legal action and lawsuits.  If you have been harmed or had medical problems following your use of the prescription drug Actos, contact the Houston law firm Brian White & Associates for a free consultation, no matter in what state you reside.  Their skilled trail lawyers work hard for clients nationwide.

Here is what to bring to your first meeting:

  • Personal history of taking Actos
  • Medical diagnosis and reports from your physician
  • Medical and pharmacy records related to Actos

What to Expect from your Lawsuit
Expect to find you and your case treated with respect and fairness at Brian White & Associates.  Their experienced legal team understands the ramifications of personal injury and the toll damage and related expenses can take upon an individual and family.  Because time limits for personal injury lawsuits vary by state, it is important to call for legal assistance immediately to protect all your rights for fair compensation and recovery of monetary losses.  Medical expenses, tests, hospital bills, treatment costs, aftercare and even burial and funeral expenses can be recovered in an Actos lawsuit.  Time is important, and this legal team has the resources needed to expedite your case.  Use the website contact form or call direct Brian White & Associates on their toll-free telephone number below.

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