Brian White is a cancer survivor. Having the experience of understanding the devastating effects of cancer, Brian White’s goal is to help in the fight against cancer. It is our belief that by aggressively pursuing Actos bladder cancer cases, this particular cause of cancer will become extinct. Therefore, we see our fight against Actos as a fight against the spread of cancer.

Actos Bladder Cancer Attorney Brian White represents people across the United States in defective drug lawsuits and offers legal help to anyone who has suffered harm as a result of taking Actos. His team will take on the pharmaceutial companies that put profits over people. We take great pride in providing special care to each and every one of our clients and frequently receive warm compliments from our clients regarding our personal touch.

We have the knowledge, resources and ability to tackle pharmaceutical companies like Takeda Pharmaceuticals that injure people with dangerous and defective drugs that cause harm to the innocent people who use their product. Our goal is to maximize your recovery dollars if we handle your case.

It is our goal to actually advance science in the pharmaceutical industry by ensuring that drug companies better understand their own products, or in some cases, ensuring that they stop telling lies about the safety of their products.

The Actos legal team at Brian White & Associates, P.C. are on the forefront of these Actos lawsuits. We assembled a team of experts that provide a powerful combination of authoritative knowledge and tenacity.

Attorney Brian White is a member of the American Association For Justice, he serves on the Board Of Directors of the Texas Trial Lawyers Advocates, he is a member of the Christian Trial Lawyers Association and Houston Trial Lawyers Association. Brian White is also a Member of the College o the State Bar of Texas. Brian White & Associates is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has the highest customer service ratings.